the basics of graphic design

Master the basics of graphic design to see instant improvements on your designs. Are you ready to take one step forward?

Most common mistakes

  • Thinking that design is making things look pretty
  • Using unnecessary effects just because you want it 
  • Thinking that design is art
  • Thinking that if there is not fancy Photoshop effects, there is no design

The truth about design

  • Graphic Design is communication through visuals
  • It should always serve a purpose
  • You can make a design look bad on purpose and it still be a really good design
  • A design is good when it delivers the desired message and multiple people understand it in the same way

empower your skills

It is essential to master the basics so you can avoid mistakes and debate with your clients when they question your decisions.

If you are not a designer and you are designing for yourself, mastering the basic rules is the way for you to make sure you can communicate properly with your audience through visuals and increase your conversions.

Course content

  • The importance of knowing the basics
  • What actually is Graphic  Design
  • Good practices of design
  • Basics of color, shape, contrast, hierarchy, balancing
  • Includes: Final project + feedback

who is it for?

  • Beginner designers
  • Content creators
  • Business owners

Who is it for?

beginner designers
content creators
business owners