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Making Instagram simple for you!

What does this consist of?

This is a complete Instagram strategy tailored to your business so you can attract your ideal followers & convert them into an engaged audience and clients/customers!

This strategy will
help you to:

⚡️ Get clarity on how Instagram works so you can act accordingly and stop the guessing work

⚡️ Get the visibility you need to grow

⚡️ Grow real & engaged followers organically

⚡️ Create content that speaks to your ideal audience

⚡️Build trust & credibility

⚡️ Attract your ideal clients/ customers without the need for cold outreach!

⚡️ A complete audit of your Instagram account: While I’m developing the strategy for your business I also take notes on mistakes you are doing and how you can improve


This strategy includes:

⚡️ The Starting Point (General considerations about Instagram)

⚡️ Optimization: Profile optimization to attract your ideal audience and convert your visitors into followers (including bio optimization)

⚡️ Content: Content strategy to attract and convert your ideal audience (including content pillars you should focus on)

⚡️ Design for social media: Review on your current design and suggestions create your own visual communication to become memorable on social media

⚡️ Visibility: Engagement strategy to grow organically; set of hashtags ready to use; methods to get even more exposure

⚡️ Building trust: How to build a strong community and convert your followers into fans and clients

⚡️ How to generate Leads and Sales (including IG stories strategy)

What's the process to
work with me:

First I need to understand if this service is a good fit for your needs. So, if you are interested send me a message on Instagram with the word “STRATEGY” so I can make you a couple of questions before we move forward 😊

If we are a good fit, this will be the process:

1️⃣ I’ll send you the payment link;

2️⃣ Once you complete the payment, I’ll send you a questionnaire with relevant questions about your business and goals so I have all the needed information to create the best strategy for you (within 1-2 business days);

3️⃣ After you fill out the form I’ll start working on the strategy;

4️⃣ After I finish, I’ll send you the strategy by email (PDF format).

What's the delivery time

I have very limited spots every month!

I’m fully booked for May! The spots for June are ✨OPEN✨.  Only 2 spots left.

So, when you book your spot you are making sure you are going to receive your strategy in June. I can tell you a more precise time after the payment.

What happens after
receiveing the strategy

After receiving the strategy you are ready to take action! You just need to follow it step-by-step and implement it!

I’ll be available to answer all your questions, you just need to text me on Instagram or send me an email.

What's not included

➡️ Calls are not included. We’ll keep in touch via Instagram and email.

➡️ Social Media Management. I’ll give you the plan you need to follow to succeed on Instagram, but everything is implemented by you/ your team.

➡️ Content creation. I’ll give the instructions on what kind of content you should post and how to use each content format to achieve the best results, but the content is created by you/your team.

What's the investment

The investment for this personalized strategy is $490USD.

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