CarouselS Template

Posting high-value and quality content is a great way to grow your business and attract your ideal audience.

With these templates, you are going to be able to create attractive carousels and grab attention.

Seamless backgrounds

This template allows you to create seamless backgrounds easily.

You just need to drag and drop your images and it will blend them seamlessly!

This is more than "just a template"

You will also get access to a course where I give you tips to create high-converting carousels and reveal all my tricks to create 8 posts in one day. This way, you can post daily and still save one post per week.

What's included?

Text templates

You will get text templates ready to place with your content. Use the ones that better fit each one of your carousels. 

Drag and drop templates

All the templates are for 10 slides carousels and you can use 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 images in your backgrounds. It all depends on the series of images you picked.

Use the template that fits better each post.

Include: Color filters easy to use. You just need to change to your color. This way all the images will keep consistent with your brand tone.

Photoshop + Illustrator

Having Photoshop is required, once the main feature (drag and drop template) is made in Photoshop.

Illustrator is optional (you will only use it as an alternative to Photoshop when dealing with the texts.


After giving value along 9 slides, it’s your time to ask for something in slide 10. This template includes a ready-to-use CTA. 

You just need to drag and drop your profile pic and place your texts. 

Course + Video Manual

• How to speed up your post creation process

• How to use the templates correctly (I will teach you and show you everything in video – Screen record). 

30 Lessons included:

Course intro.

• Create posts in stacks

• Getting ideas

• Writing the texts

• Getting the images for your posts

• Finding images on stock photos websites

• Using images from Google

• Taking the photos yourself

• Folder structure

• Blending the images

• How to deal with masks

• Filter correction

• Color grading layers

• Replacing footer text

• Text templates

• Replacing fonts

• Exporting

• Folder structure

• Blending the images

• How to deal with masks

• Filter correction

• Color grading layers

• Placing the background and replacing the footer

• Why use illustrator

• Text templates

• Replacing the fonts and CTA image

• Exporting

Reduce the timing


To make it easier for you, I also created a PDF, so every time you have a doubt you don’t need to go through the course again.

Extra: You will also get a resource links document, so you know where to find the best images, fonts, and other resources you may need.


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