Crafting the perfect Instagram Bio to increase your followers

Why should you optimize your bio?

Your bio is one of the first things your audience read when they come to your page. They should understand what you do and how you can help them in just few seconds.

If you are doing a good job attracting your ideal audience to your page you need to arouse their interest through your bio or they will leave your page without taking any action.

The first step you need to take before starting writing your bio is defining your purpose on Instagram.

I am going to take my Instagram page as an example:
My purpose is to help people in the creative field grow their online presence and get new clients using social media. I want to monetize my page selling educational content, for example, courses and e-books.

Based on your purpose, you should write your bio, making it clear for your audience. If they resonate with your statement, they are more likely to start reading your content.

You can use many structures to create a high converting bio, and there is no perfect formula, but you always need to take into account these points:

• Your expertise
• What you do
• How you can help your audience
• What they can expect from your

Step-by-step for bio optimization

Here are the 2 structures I use the most:

Structure 1

I divide the bio into 4 lines.

What you doTell people what you do/ how you can help your audience.

What they can expect from you – Tell your audience what they can expect if they follow your page. Inspire them to follow you.

Your authority statementYou must convey confidence. What is your experience?

Your CTA If you have a product or service, encourage your audience to take action.

Structure 2

I use the bio with a sense of continuity and add the CTA in the end.

Template Helping/ teaching [people] to [solve a problem] through [your method]

Don’t stick to your first try

If you are not achieving the desired results, don’t stick to your first try! Experimenting and analyzing the results is the way to go. Measure your conversion rate with this formula:

Bonus tip: Use emojis to support your bio. It supports the text and makes it more attractive.

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