how to create a personal brand

Do you want to create a strong presence on social media and build trust with your audience?

become memorable

There are so many brands out there offering similar services/ products as yours. You need to define rules to create a strong brand identity, so you can become recognizable and memorable.

If your audience doesn’t remember you, they won’t choose you.

Course content

  • Setting up your brand
  • Define your brand language
  • Find the best elements to communicate your message
  • Choose colors, fonts, image style


Along with this course you will learn how to create a brand manual with all the brand elements you need to follow to keep consistent.

When you are creating a brand for a client this is the best procedure because it will allow your client or other designers to follow the same brand communication without breaking the rules that were defined for the brand.

who is it for?

  • Designers
  • Content creators
  • Business owners

Who is it for?

content creators
business owners