How to deal with clients

3 sentences we hate to hear and how to deal with it

• “It’s going to be very quick”
• “Make the logo bigger”
• “Make it pop”

It’s going to be very quick

Don’t trust it! It is a red flag. The work probably WON’T be quick and easy.

If it is easy, it’s because you studied for many years to know how to make it quickly and easily, so don’t charge less because of that.

The value in the work you do is not in the work you do at the moment or the time you spend with it, but the sum of all the work you did in the past to allow you to do it in the present.

2. Make the logo bigger

The infamous “Make the logo bigger” happens for 3 main reasons

1) The brand is weak

When the brand doesn’t have enough memorable elements, it is hard to identify the brand, making the client feel the necessity of having a bigger logo because the logo is the only relevant characteristic that will identify the brand. 

How to solve this: 
Create more visual elements to identify the brand.

2) The client isn’t able to visualize the full design before printing it

Presenting a work without a mockup or prototype is a mistake because clients don’t have the same abstraction skills as you do. You should make it easier for them.

How to solve this:
Create prototypes or mockups.

3) The hierarchy is not well defined

All the compositions we design have different elements with different importance. Make sure you ask your client the strategy behind the product. If they need a bigger logo, you should know it from the beginning, so you manage to do it without being disproportional. 

How to solve this:
Find better solutions to highlight the logo without increasing its size. 

3. Make it pop

Designers love to see memes complaining about every single bad habit clients have. I can understand and agree with most of them, but the “Make it pop” is debatable.

Communicating with clients is challenging for most designers, mostly because clients don’t know the correct design terms. But should they even?

When you go to the doctor, you say: “I feel a pain in the belly”. You don’t say: “I’m feeling discomfort due to irritable bowel syndrome”.

Normally, the “Make it pop” claim is because of a low hierarchy composition.

If your client asks you to make it pop, try to reduce the size of the overall less relevant elements in your composition and increase the size of the main elements.

But it is not always your fault! There are still those annoying clients who just think they are better than everyone.

So, quick trick: if they ask you to make it pop, reconsider your design’s hierarchy, and if they keep saying the same, you know the problem is not you.

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