Lucas Almeida

Content Creator • Graphic Designer

About me

I’m a graphic designer with more than 12 years of experience. 

In my first ten years of my career, I worked mainly with packaging, branding, and web design, but one of my biggest passions was always to teach, share my knowledge and create content. 

In 2020, I focused on education and building my online presence to reach more people and help those who want to master design.

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Instagram Stats:

Followers: 130,000
Engagement Rate: 2.39%
AVG. Likes: 2,979

+10,000 Weekly profile visits

+9,500 Avg. Monthly new followers

Daily IG Stories (avg. 4,800 views)

Daily posting.

The average engagement rate for accounts with a similar following is 1 – 2%. This counts to every like and comment per post.

Contact me:

If you are interested in collaborations you can send me a DM on my on Instagram: @thelucashyland, or e-mail: