More followers with the same time investment. Whaaat?

Lots of profile visits and still no conversions?

Having lots of profile visits and almost no conversions is not a good sign!

Followers are not just numbers! They can become: Fans, clients and part of your tribe.

When you think about increasing your followers, you also think about investing more time, right?

Well… If you are already sharing valuable and high-quality content every day, and you have a healthy engagement strategy, you don’t need to spend even more time engaging desperately with everyone!

To increase your followers with the same amount of effort, you just need to increase your conversion rate.

So, first, keep the same effort to bring traffic to your page, making sure you are attracting your ideal audience.

• Have a clear niche
• Use the right hashtags
• Engage with similar accounts
• Aim to stand out on explore
• Create shareable content 
• Make collaborations with people in a similar niche (posts, lives, etc)

How to increase your conversion rate?

There are different elements you need to take into account to increase your conversion rate.

Profile Pic

You may think, “It’s just a pic”, but it needs to be “The pic”!

Your profile pic is your first impression. It will be seen everywhere and will represent you! A bad photo can prevent people from visiting your profile. No visits, no followers!

1) Show your face

People see the photo even before the name. Use a photo that clearly shows your face.

2) Use a color as background

Color is the first thing that human eyes understand. Your color will make it quicker to recognize you when people scroll through IG.

Extra tips:
• Choose a photo that represents your personality
• Use a high-quality photo
• Don’t change very often


This is the fastest way for your visitors to understand what you do. Be clear.

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The highlights help you to build trust. Use them to share relevant information about you and your business.

Tips to level up you highlights:
• Show more info about your business
• Create empathy with your visitors: share personal things, show the backstage of your work, show part of your routine
• Show feedbacks, reviews, testimonials 
• Highlight all the information you consider important: quick tips, your tools, Youtube channel 

Bonus tip: Create an eye-catching cover to grab attention. Showing your face is a really good option. 


An eye-catching grid can help you to convert more followers.

Many people say it is not true, because they see that messy pages such as Gary Vee still have success, but the truth is that he is already respected enough not to have to care about his grid.

But if you are just starting and no one knows you, having an appealing grid can help you to grab attention.

Your grid can impact your audience’s decisions…

1) They will jump off your page without even read your content
2) They will start reading your content, find it valuable, and follow you

Surely, your grid is not everything, but it can help your audience to take the first step, so make sure you have a consistent brand and that it is reflected in you Instagram grid.

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