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Why should you
care about profile optimization?

Why should you care about
profile optimization?

Your profile is the “face” of your business on Instagram, so if you want to get good results you need to make sure it is ready to convert your profile visitors into followers and clients.

When your ideal audience visits your page, you have only a few seconds to convert them, and for that to happen, you need to have a profile that speaks to them in a very clear way! Otherwise, they’ll leave without taking any action 😢

💥 Are you ready for an Instagram page that your ideal audience will resonate with & follow? 💥 

This will help you to:

⚡️ Stand out from other pages

⚡️ Have a page that speaks to your ideal audience

⚡️ Convert profile visitors into followers & clients more easily

What's included:

⚡️ Profile pic review

⚡️ Username and name suggestions

⚡️ Bio optimization (including CTA suggestion)

⚡️ Highlights suggestions

⚡️ Design review

⚡️ More: Overall Instagram review & improvements

What's the process to
work with me:

After you sign for this service, I’ll send you a questionnaire with relevant questions about your business & goals (within 2 business days), so I have all the needed information to audit your profile and give you the proper suggestions.

You’ll receive a PDF document with the audit & optimization within 5 business days after filling out the questionnaire.

If you have any questions shoot me a message on my Instagram page @imdanielaqueiroz

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